5 Laws Anyone Working in Elysium Health Index Should Know

Discover Your Biological Age and Re Shape Your Well-being


Your age is the average age at. Put it to use in order Go to this website to see if creating life style and other changes may influence the way you era later on.

The Way Index Functions

Step 1 ):

Order Index and we're going to ship it to you personally. Just send a spit sample back once again to people, once you receive it .

Measure Two:


Once your sample is received by us our boffins will analyze your epigenome within our lab employing a DNA methylation.

Step 3:

Back in 4-6 weeks, then you'll obtain an electronic report that is digital with healthy recommendations and your biological age.

Index's Science

Index can be really a break through in the discipline of ageing. We produced this new test with the help of pioneering scientists and custom array-based technologies.

My books are The Berlin Stories and Revolutionary Road. They really helped make me the person.

The Elysium processor, developed together with the assistance of a pioneer in DNA sequencing and also technologies powers index. This technology permits us to bring analysis.

We are currently exploring software to your Index platform outside age; our intention would be to present unprecedented, wellbeing advice that are customized to help you survive for more.

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Your age is that the age in that the body is expected to work out. Put it to use in order to see if generating lifestyle and other changes can impact how you era later on.