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It is very important to have a neat, clean, and healthy body. It is the key to good mental and spiritual health. Growth and development are a continuous process and occur at all stages of life. A healthy body that is free from germs and bacterias is very essential for our personal well being. It makes the mind strong and also leads a person in a positive direction. For good health, you should try consuming some fulvic acid mineral water.



Fulvic minerals are obtained from fulvic acids. These are enriched in other click here nutrients and are very good for our health. Fulvic acid is one of the most important components of humus. When a plant, animal, or other living being dies under the soil, the process of decomposition takes place. The living body gets decomposed due to the chemical reactions and due to the presence of living organisms. This process results in the decaying of the living body and its conversion into humus. The residual part left after the process of decomposition is called humus. It is very rich in different essential minerals that help in growth and development. Humus contains three primary and important elements- humic acid, fulvic acid, and humin. The humus is also used as manure and is very effective in providing growth and essential nutrients to different plants and crops.


● Healing benefits- It is enriched with healing elements that allow your body to heal itself at a faster rate. Applying fulvic acid on cuts and wounds will help them to heal faster.

● Boosts immune system- Fulvic acid is very rich in nutrients and hence is effective in boosting the immunity of the body. Due to its soil-based properties, it becomes very easy and convenient for the body to digest it. By having a stronger immunity, you can easily protect yourselves from many diseases.

● Improves digestion power- With continuous use, you can also improve your digestive tract and its functioning. It increases digestion power and makes it easier for the body to digest food.

● Antioxidant- Fulvic acid mineral water is rich in antioxidants which will increase your blood circulation and provide more oxygen to the body. Also with the regular consumption of this acid, you can make your skin brighter and can also remove wrinkles, marks, and scars.

● Respiratory issues- People with respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis, should use this to improve their breathing condition. It improves oxygen intake in the body leading to better respiration.

● Skincare- For females with issues that occur due to the use of chemical-based cosmetics can use this to cure themselves. Also it helps in brightening the skin and removing wrinkles.

● Metal toxicity- Due to the consumption of fast and other unhealthy foods, we consume different types of metals and chemicals. In the normal course of action, our body is not able to completely remove them. With the consumption of fulvic acid, we can easily remove these harmful chemicals and metals from our bodies.

● Blood circulation- It increases the blood circulation of the body which makes it possible for the body to transport blood to different capillaries. Faster blood circulation will increase the transportation of oxygen in the body which makes the skin and body more healthy.

These were some of the important benefits you can get from the consumption of fulvic acid mineral water. This acid is very beneficial to the body and skin. Regular consumption of this also promotes hair growth and gives volume to the hairs. Due to its lighter molecular weight, it is very easy to consume and digest and it can easily penetrate deep inside cells. To get the best fulvic acid mineral water, visit 'NUWTR'. We have products like 'fulvic minerals bottled', 'fulvic infused coffee', and 'fulvic minerals sachets'. All these products are enriched with fulvic acids and are high in quality. Our products are available in solid, liquid, and powder form to provide ease in consumption to everyone. Visit our website and give your body a new boost and a new spark to your life.

The proper balance between healthy eating and exercising depicts a hallmark in sustaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. The body needs both, nutrients and regular workouts of the body's muscles, to function well. This lowers the chances of fats getting accumulated in the body and affecting organs like the heart and liver.

A healthy lifestyle starts at an early age

It is vital to keep track of the eating habits, especially among children, as it could make them vulnerable to medical problems such as pediatric liver cancer. A healthy liver often points to a healthy body . Conversely, problems with liver cells often lead to issues like scarring on the liver cells and tissues, and liver cancer.

Since prevention is better than cure, healthy living should be promoted at a young age. When it comes to children's health, one needs to be a little extra cautious. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and scheduled physician check-ups should be a part of the kid's routine to prevent any further complications to major organs such as the heart or liver.

What lifestyle changes can one bring about to avoid medical issues?

Are you interested to know how you can protect your little one from the ravaging impact of liver damage and liver cancer? Then read on. The post looks at a few simple yet effective ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for optimum liver health

1 - Eat Smart, Eat Healthily

A balanced and nourishing diet is the key to a healthy life. Children are prone to consuming junk food or preparations made by a street-side vendor. This should be avoided. Their breakfast needs to be wholesome and they should be fed home-cooked food at regular intervals so that they lose the tendency of munching on unhealthy foods available outside.


It is advisable to have multiple colour food items such as red tomatoes, green veggies, and so on. Grain, fruits, and fibre should be part of the daily meal. Instead of going for sugar-laden fruit juice, opt for eating the whole fruit to get better nourishment.

2 - Say no to sugary items

The liver takes a long time to process and break down salt and sugar items. In addition to that, excessive salt and sugar are harmful to the body, it can cause high blood pressure, weight gain, and other problems. This problem is especially pronounced in youngsters. Hence it is better to set the habit early on and avoid excessive sugar or salt intake.

3 - Goodbye Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are the biggest enemies of the liver. It causes severe damage to the liver leading to obstruction in the proper functioning of the liver. It is advised to stay away from such addiction for maintaining liver health.

4 - Stress Management = Healthy Liver

Stress is inevitable. But it is important to find ways to fight stress. It has an interlink to the overall health of the person. One can tackle this issue by joining yoga classes, or Zumba workout, jogging or investing more time in enhancing a hobby.

This also needs organizing and planning skills. One can yield long term benefits by making a plan and schedule, and sticking to it.

5 - Consult a Doctor Before Consuming Medicines

Be it common cold or flu, take the advice of a professional medical practitioner before consuming any medication. Medicines have a different composition and vary in the quantity of dose. If one is ignorant and consumes wrong medication can affect the liver. Hence, it is advisable to never take medicine without a prescription.


6 - Exercise for Healthy Living

Exercise should be part of daily activity. This holds true for young children as well as working adults. It helps to maintain the proper proportion in the body, helps to reduce fat, keeps the muscles tight and fit, and preserves the overall health of the body.

Regular workouts also serve multiple purposes. It is great in managing stress, improves the digestion process, protects the body from different infection, and builds the body's immune system.

7 - Weight loss

As obesity rates climb steadily across the globe, this becomes an important factor to avoid liver complications. Issues like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or pediatric liver cancer can be kept at bay if the body is at the ideal weight as per the height and age.

One needs to undergo diet modification and have a workout plan to shed the extra weight so that the liver remains healthy.


We will conclude with a popular saying "Precaution is always better than cure". To prevent pediatric liver cancer it is important to maintain a healthy body and get regular checkups to uncover issues like malignant liver tumours.

The above hacks will ensure that the liver continues doing its job and keep the body working in top shape